mid school problem
Posted Sunday, April 28, 2013 10:13 AM

In case many of you do not know what has been going on with the middle school in C.C. this year (2013)..."HERE IS THE SCOOP":<br>
The school board took it on their own to go along with the school superintendent and are making plans to close the middle school completely and sell it...There was a huge argument by a large number of citizens that wanted to keep it as a viable teaching facility. Still there are some that are investigating it with legel eagles, but there is not a lot of hope until the elections come up later and it could be too late by then to stop the wheels from rolling.  The school board absolutely went against the citizens and it turned out to be the most undemocratic thing most of us have seen at this level of politics...Iowa has no recall or referendum to control this and only by voting them in or out of office is the only type of control...Of course its too late after the horse is out of the barn so what can one do? <br>
This is happening right now in April of 2013...they want to build another set of buildings by the  high school on the edge of town..on poor, wet, spring ground..and to do this through tax funds that do not need a bond issue to get the money...It has literally divided c.c. in two...This act of unresponsible anti-democaratic work will not be soon forgotten and has really created, unfortunately, enemies that will not reconcile even to the bitter end.